This website documents our travels around the world and Australia.

The website is for our family & friends, but if you’ve stumbled upon our website, you may already be, or be thinking about, doing this.

Above all enjoy!!

France (December 2014)
Following our two weeks in the UK we boarded the ferry to Calais and then drove on to Paris. Paris (3 nights) Whilst in Paris we visited the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Elysee. We stayed at a beautiful Holiday Inn on the banks of the River Seine. Gaillard (1 night) From Paris we drove to Gaillard which was close to Geneva, Switzerland. We drove into Switzerland and drove to Lake Geneva and admired the lake and the architecture in Geneva. Crossing the French/Italian Alps This would have to have been the most harrowing days driving. We left Gaillard ...
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England, Scotland & Wales (December 2014)
Between 8 December 2014 and 19 January 2015 we spent 6 weeks travelling through the UK and parts of Europe ...
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Website Update
Finally getting around to adding some fresh content to the website. Firstly, added posts on our USA and Canada trip in September and October.  Have yet to upload the photo albums for each leg of the trip. Also created and uploaded a new header image. More to come! ...
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Tina & Adrian’s Wedding
Tina and Adrian invited us to celebrate their wedding which was held at the Wilpena Pound Resort on Saturday, November 23, 2013. November 22 We left home at 8.30am for the 500 kilometre drive to Wilpena Pound. The drive was mostly uneventful and we had rest stops in Burra, Jamestown and Hawker. We finally arrived at 4.30pm. Following a lot of "meeting and greeting" we all enjoyed a BBQ and a drink before turning in for the night. November 23 We decided to take a drive through Wilpena Pound and keep out of the way of those preparing for the ...
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Honolulu (October 2013)
This is the sixth and final leg of our four week holiday in the United States and Canada. October 12 Farewell to the Yukon We were up early packing our bags in readiness for the final leg of our holiday, a four day stay in Hawaii. We returned to LAX and parted with our Yukon hire car. Please GMC can this car be imported for sale in Australia? Honolulu We arrived in Honolulu late in the afternoon and picked up our hire car for our Hawaiian stay, a Chevrolet Suburban. This car was almost identical to the Yukon. Having picked ...
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Los Angeles (October 2013)
This is the fifth leg of our four week holiday in the United States and Canada. October 9 We bade farewell to San Diego and made the relatively short drive to Los Angeles and our accommodation for the next three days, The Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in North Hollywood. Universal Studio's Citywalk Having settled into our accommodation, we took courtesy trolley bus to Universal Studio's Citywalk and spent a leisurely few hours shopping before taking the courtesy trolley bus back to our accommodation. October 10 American Riviera Tours We had booked a private tour operated by American Riviera Tours for ...
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San Diego (October 2013)
This is the fourth leg of our four week holiday in the United States and Canada. October 5 Road Trip Today we drove 500 miles from Las Vegas to San Diego. We left Las Vegas driving on a five lane each way highway and arrived in San Diego also driving in on a five lane each way highway. In between the "narrowest" the highway became was two lanes each way. No where along the way was the road empty, and for most of the drive it was like driving continuously in peak hour traffic. Barstow We stopped for lunch in ...
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