Off Grid Modifications

Off Grid Modifications

extreme auto caravan & camping

Lithium Batteries, Solar Panels, DC-DC Charger, MPPT Solar Controller & Inverter

In January 2022 we contacted Matt from Extreme Auto Caravan & Camping with a request to upgrade our motorhome with an off grid power system. Matt advised that the earliest that he could book us in would be August 2022! This confirmed to us that he is indeed the expect when it comes to installing an off grid system.

We have replaced our 2×100 amp hour AGM batteries with 2×260 amp hour Lithium batteries. We also increased the number of solar panels on the roof. We did have 2×160 watt solar panels, those panels were removed and  4×200 and 2×100 watt solar panels were installed, which now give us 1,000 watts of solar.

The batteries and solar panels were connected to a Victron DC-DC charger, 2 Victron MPPT solar regulators and a Victron 3000 watt inverter. The inverter is able to run any 240 volt appliance in any of the powerpoints in the motorhome.

We also upgraded the battery management system, with a Victron Cerbo GX and GX Touch 70 display, along with temperature sensors for the fridges and freezer, and volume sensors for our two gas bottles and long range fuel tank.


Drawer Fridge, Thetford SOG, MIMO Antenna & Grand Vitra Second Battery Upgrade

Shortly after we booked the above upgrade we asked Matt if he could also install a Dometic 30l drawer fridge (under our dining seat), a Thetford SOG toilet system, and a  Poynting MIMO-3-12 Omni Directional antenna. Whilst we have the Winegard 2.0, the SIM card is in the unit which is on the roof of the motorhome.  As we had a Nighthawk M5 modem, we decided to put the Nighthawk in the motorhome and connect it to the Poynting MIMO antenna. That way, if we need to change from Optus to Telstra we don’t have to get on to the roof to change the SIM card. 

The final job we’ve asked Matt to do is to install the iTechWorld Weekend Adventure Kit into our Suzuki Grand Vitara. 

This kit comprises a Slimeline ITECH50S Lithium Battery,  an iTECHDCDC20 Charger/MPPT Controller and an iTechworld Bypass Switch. This will be more than ample to maintain our 40 litre Waeco fridge that we keep in the back of the Grand Vitara.  

We will also run an “extension” Anderson plug cable to connect the battery in the Grand Vitara to the Victron system in the motorhome.

This work has been booked in to be done in early September 2022.

Cost Summary

Whilst these upgrades were costly, they will enable us to remain off grid as long as our water supply will allow.

DetailsAmount ($)
PowerPaul Scout 280ah Custom Prismatic cell lithium battery (x2)
Victron MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32
Victron Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Dc-Dc Charger
Victron Smartsolar Mppt 100/20280.00
Victron Smartsolar Mppt 100/50520.00
Victron Smartshunt 500A280.00
Exotronic 200W Solar Panel (Fixed 1480x670x25mm Black Frame) x41396.00
Exotronic 100W Solar Panel (Fixed 770x 670x 25 Black Frame) x2
Victron Cerbo GX550.00
Victron GX Touch 70 Display550.00
RuuviTag 4-in-1 Wireless Temperature Humidity Pressure and Movement Sensor Tag (x3)195.00
Victron Tank140 (x2), diff pressure sensor (x 4), fuel sensor, LPG sensor (x2)2073.00
Miscellaneous Electrical parts and fittings (cables, brackets, plugs, wiring, etc)1102.00
Labour to install all of the above items. (5 days plus travel)

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