Motorhome Internet

Motorhome Internet

Sphere Mobile Wi-fi Router

Our motorhome came with a Sphere Wi-Fi Router.

It has in-built flash drive USB sharing feature which allows for streaming movies, videos, music and other file types over the router Wi-Fi signal without consuming any data.

When a SIM card is inserted, the router provides protected internet access.

The Sphere Mobile Wi-Fi Router comes with a built-in GPS which allows us SMS the router and receive a return SMS with the location of your motorhome at any time.

Internet & Mobile Phone Provider

Our mobile phone service is with Optus. Each of us has 80Gb of data available per month. These two services have been data pooled, so we have 160Gb of data all together.

We’ve added the minimum monthly data only plan to our account. When the SIM card is inserted into the router, the router provides protected internet access. This plan provides a further 5Gb of data which is also data pooled.

Using our mobile phone as a hot spot we can then use our Chromecast to stream content to the television in our motorhome.

We have yet to use up our 160Gb monthly data allowance.

We also have a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a Boost Mobile sim.

We have a 12 month prepaid plan which includes unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 80Gb of data.

What’s even better is that Boost Mobile uses the full Telstra network.

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