Apps For Travellers

Apps For Travellers

Our 12 Must Have Apps

These are our “must have” favourites apps in no particular order are:


Users provide unbiased reviews and images about camping options around Australia. You’ll find stacks of info about camp grounds, caravan parks, station stays, national parks, show grounds, rest areas and freedom camps. Its worth every cent and is a must have app for travelling Australia.

Fuel Map Australia

Users update the price they paid for fuel at the location they're at. The app can also keep track of your average fuel usage and is really easy to use.


Aircamp is brilliant for honest feedback and photographs. , where users share their experiences for everyone to see. Its a really great resource for travellers and is completely free to download and use.

Gas Finder (Refills & Swaps)

This app similar to FuelMap. It shows gas bottle refill and exchange locations with prices. Gas is essential for any road trip. Use the Gas Finder app to plan ahead and get the best price.


Join a Facebook group or follow a travel bloggers page to gather info for your trip. Learn about places to visit, travel products, destination and tour reviews. You can ask any question in a group and the chances are, someone will have the answer or a suggestion for you.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a navigation program that makes searching for places simple. The satellite mode is especially good for discovering where unmarked tracks lead to. You do need good internet connection to use the app effectively, however it’s still a great addition to your navigation tools.


YouTube has thousands of channels dedicated to travelling Australia. It is able to recommend channels you may be interested in watching, based on your interests. Once you begin discovering more channels and more content, be prepared to go down the rabbit hole, that is YouTube. You’ve been warned.

iHeart Radio

The iHeart Radio app allows you to listen to your favourite radio station anywhere where you have an internet connection.


Spotify is a music streaming service that creates mixes based on the stuff you like to listen to. A mix of music is a necessity for any road trip and this is why Spotify is one of the best apps for travelling Australia.


Looking for the most talked about TV shows and movies from around the world? They’re all on Netflix. They have award-winning series, movies, documentaries, and stand-up specials.


Join your local library to access 1,000's of magazines and newspapers from around the globe. Not only is it FREE but it also doesn't clutter up our motorhome with store bought versions.

The Advertiser

Being South Australians, we enjoy reading our state newspaper "The Advertiser". This app allows us to download each days newspaper and keep up to date with our local news.

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