Working On The Road

Working On The Road

Keeping Up with Admin On the Road

Being an Accountant/Bookkeeper all I need is internet access so that I can work whilst on the road.

My set up consists of:

  • Microsoft Surface 4 Laptop Computer
  • Surface Pro 12v Power Lead
  • CABLEDECONN 3-IN-1 (for HDMI In/Out)
  • SMARTDEVIL USB 3.0 HUB (for any USB devices that need to be connected to the Surface Laptop)
More detailed information on particular components are listed below.

Microsoft Surface laptop 4

The Surface Laptop 4 is a larger laptop computer.

  • Solid-state drive (SSD): 512Gb
  • Screen: 15” PixelSenseTM Display
  • Resolution: 2496 x 1664 (201 PPI)
  • Aspect ratio: 3:2
  • Touch: 10 point multi-touch
  • RAM Memory: 16Gb
  • Graphics: Radeon™ Graphics Microsoft Surface® Edition (8 cores)
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen™ 7 4980U Mobile Processor
  • Connections:
    • 1 x USB-A
    • 1 x USB-C
    • 3.5 mm headphone jack
    • 1 x Surface Connect port

The Surface Laptop 4 has a battery life of up to 17.5 hours.

More than ample for a day’s work or for occasional video playback.

I also have external hard drives to provide additional disk space.

Surface Car Charger

 The Surface Car Charger can be used to charge my Surface Laptop 4 without having to use an inverter.

  • Recharges the battery and the USB port can be used to charge another device such as a phone or tablet at the same time.
  • I/C Chip technology prevents overcharging and provides overcharge Protection System / Short circuit protection / Overload protection / Over-heat protection.

Cabledeconn 3-in-1

This device connects to my Surface Pro’s mini display port. I can then connect a HDMI cable to the device and at the other end to a 12v television. I could then use the television as a computer monitor.

  • Mini DisplayPort V1.2 Version, backward compatible with DP V1.1, providing much faster transfer rate up to 5.4Gbps per lane to enable emerging display applications.
  • DP V1.2 enables high color range (supports Full HD 4K x 2K) over standard displayport connector.
  • Lightweight and portable adapter for connecting a Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt port) to HDMI, monitor or projector with HDMI/DVI/VGA cable.
  • Support Mini Displayport 1.1, Thunderbolt Port Compatible.


I use this device so that I can connect an external USB Hard Drive to transfer files to and from my Surface Laptop 4.

  • Fast and stable transmission. Data transfer is up to 300MB in 1 second. This hub features 9 thickened 30/24 AWG tinned copper cores, and shields such as aluminium foil. With the RTS5411 high-performance chip and original motherboard components, this powerful USB hub protects data during transmission well. Besides, it also has a 4.5mm diameter wire whose excellent conduction performance makes the transmission fast and stable.
  • Compatible with 4-pory synchronous transmission and large capacity hard drive. A 10TB hard disk can be easily read with a more stable transmission and powered via the micro interface. Besides, this hub supports 4-port USB3.0 synchronous data transmission and also devices such as USB flash drive, keyboard, mouse, card reader, etc.
  • Multi-system compatibility. No drivers, plug and play. Compatible with windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux, etc.
  • Supports mobile phone charging. 
  • The maximum output current is about 500mAh.
  • It is normal for the charging speed to be slower than direct charging.


I use cloud based accounting software for my work.

I also have a Microsoft 365 subscription that enables me to download desktop versions of Microsoft software. 

Microsoft 365 also comes with 1Tb of OneDrive data storage which is more than ample for my needs.

Whilst not work related, I also have a PowerDirector 365 subscription for editing videos that I make whilst travelling.

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