Enerdrive Charger & Inverter

Enerdrive Charger & Inverter

Enerdrive DC2DC Charger

The Enerdrive 40A DC2Dc charger charges our house batteries as we drive from place to place. This, along with our 320w of solar ensures that we have sufficient power when not connected to 240v mains power. Our house batteries differ from the cranking battery used to start our motorhome.

House batteries are designed to deliver relatively low levels of electricity over a long period of time. It is vital that batteries be returned to a full charge to maximise power availability within the motorhome.

A DC2DC charger is a smart charger that boosts the charge at the house battery to 14.4v or higher to maximise charging, delivered in steps, to achieve close to 100% charge after a day’s driving. Most DC2DC chargers can also act as solar regulators to optimise solar power.

Installing the DC2DC charger near the house batteries overcomes voltage drop that otherwise would occur.  Once installed, it will also minimise damage to your house batteries from over discharging.

Enerdrive 2000W Inverter

The Enerdrive 2000W inverter, will when switched on, allow us to use for a short time an appliance that would normally require 240v power to operate.

In our situation, we use the inverter to run our coffee machine, a hair dryer, and to charge our 12v/18v batteries for our tools, etc.

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