Delivery Day

Delivery Day

Bye Bye Caravan / Hello Motorhome

We placed the order for our motorhome on 4 January 2020. Finally, the day arrived when we take delivery of our new motorhome!

We initially hoped to pick up our motorhome on 6 April 2020, but what was the point when we were in a coronavirus lock down. It would have been so cruel for us to have our new motorhome at home without being able to go anywhere. Whilst we didn’t know when there would be any lifting of the coronavirus lockdown, we took a chance and settled on 20 May 2020 as our delivery date.

Fortunately on 8 May 2020 the South Australian government announced that as from 11 May 2020 travel restrictions within South Australia would be lifted and camping within the state would be allowed.

We left home around 6.30am taking our Jayco Journey Outback 19.61-2 which is being traded in for the motorhome. With an uneventful drive we arrived at Jayco Adelaide at 10.30am to drop off our caravan at the sales yard.

We then went to the Service Department on Daws Road for our 11.00am handover. Thus begins what was the most unacceptable “service” I’ve ever had the displeasure to receive. We were left waiting, waiting, and waiting! At 11.20am we were advised just a few more pre-delivery checks and we’ll be ready to go through the handover process. Well 30 minutes later (11.50am) we were finally asked to come through and inspect our motorhome. Rather than being shown an immaculate motorhome preened for delivery, we were shown a motorhome with numerous defects and paid for “extras” that hadn’t been installed.

  • Damage to laminate trim behind seat.
  • Damage to laminate trim in drawers.
  • Excessive amounts of silicone to the exterior of the motorhome that wasn’t wiped off.
  • Damage to bumper plastic trim that requires complete replacement.
  • Damage to internal passenger side door trim
  • Missing one Sirocco Fan (supplied 1 white fan, yet all trim in the motorhome is black!)
  • Missing Anderson Plug
  • Incorrect TV (order was for 2 24″ TV’s supplied 1 24″ and 1 21.5″)
  • Useless placement of “bedside’ USB ports.

We were advised that the TV could be replaced, but would take 30-40 minutes to complete, so we suggested we would get some lunch while this was completed. With respect to the damaged and/or missing items we were advised that these would be resolved when we return for our first service. Let’s wait and see whether they will be (or not!).

When we returned, we continued with the handover process, which was finally completed around 3.00pm. Whilst we were at the Service Department we spoke with two other owners that had to return their caravans due to them not being delivered as they had been ordered. I also spoke with one of the service staff who said that this was quite common as Jayco either “forgot” to install items, or, sales staff checking delivery “missed” checking items that were meant to be installed. Apparently there is NO quality control whatsoever!

We now have our motorhome safely at home and we can’t wait to experience travelling around Australia in our motorhome.

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