Jayco Fail

Jayco Fail

Our Motorhome Must Have been a rushed Friday Build!!

When we collected our Motorhome from Jayco Adelaide in May (2020) we noted several cosmetic defects, some significant defects, along with some items that we ordered that were missed.

Over the weeks and months since May, as we noticed a defect we added the defect to our list and presented the list to Jayco Adelaide. We eventually agreed to bring our Motorhome in for warranty work to be attended to on 12October 2020, with ALL warranty work to be completed when we pickup our motorhome on 21 October 2020.

Following the disappointment with our handover inspection, Jayco Adelaide agreed to perform the following warranty work:

  1. Clean up all the external silicone edging
  2. Replace the white sirocco fan with a black sirocco fan
  3. Install a second black sirocco fan above the motorhome entry door (this was missed at delivery!)
  4. Repair the scratch/dent on the left hand rear moulding (this was NOT done)
  5. Detail cabinetry (laminate not sticking, edges messy, excessive glue removed)
  6. Replace rear wall to twin seat – chip damage to top of wall (this was NOT done)
  7. Reimbursement of cost to fit an Anderson plug (missed at delivery!)
  8. Leak under the kitchen sink fixed
  9. All holes through floor sealed
  10. Curtain tie-backs provided for the two curtain walls ordered as extras
  11. Piece of insulation/foam on top of the fridge removed
  12. Refit shroud/moulding over the Luton peak between the cab and the house (this was NOT done)
  13. Whenever the air-conditioner is turned on the TV pixelates and becomes unwatchable (to be confirmed)
  14. When the air-conditioner has been on heating for about 10 minutes, the smoke alarm goes off (to be confirmed)
  15. Replaced the kitchen window blind above the sink
  16. Repaired the external TV Antenna Point which didn’t work (it works – it was not explained at initial handover as to how it works!)
  17. Moved the USB’s on both sides of the bed into the bedside cubby spaces
  18. Moved the JHub tablet and rewired the tablet to ensure that it would charge (JHub Tablet faulty – waiting for it to be replaced)
  19. Operator Manuals provided – none were given at initial handover (to be POSTED – we will see!)

We also agreed to a new handover appointment where we hoped that we would receive the after sales service that was not provided at our first handover in May. Unfortunately our second handover was not that much better. We still don’t have all the manuals that go with the products installed and/or provided in the motorhome. We also do not have any certifications with regard to the gas and electrical installations in the motorhome.

Most frustrating is that we need to bring our motorhome to Jayco Adelaide again to have the work that should have been done this time done. The initial advice is that the parts needed are unlikely to be received by Jayco Adelaide until well into the New Year.

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