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Europe (July & August 2016)
Singapore (3 July - 9 July) We left Adelaide on Sunday 3 July for 5 days in Singapore before flying on to London. Whilst in Singapore we did the usual tourist attractions as we did when we previously holidayed in Singapore. On July 7 we did a same day excursion to Kuala Lumpur and visited the Petronias Towers. Our flight to London was eventful as our booked flight had been overbooked and we were scheduled to depart on a later flight. This would then have resulted in missing our connecting flight to Dublin. As we had arrived early at ...
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Dublin (10 July 2016)
Depart Dublin Departing Dublin's fair city and it was onwards to the North of Ireland. A wonderful tour lied ahead, with a short 2 hour drive to Belfast on the brand new 'Peace Highway'. The drive up was broken up by an interesting and lovely little stop at Monasterboice! Monasterboice After stories en route we were taken off the highway and down the much less beaten path to visit the haunting ruins of Monasterboice. We saw a real 10th century round tower and learn how Irish ancestors took refuge from the Vikings. We were also able to touch the most ...
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Singapore (April 2015)
Between 11 April and 21 April we stayed at the Singapore Atrium Holiday Inn and enjoyed 10 days in Singapore. Changi Airport On arriving in Singapore around 4.00pm on Saturday we went to the Singapore Airlines service desk to obtain our three day Singapore Explorer Pass. Once we had collected our passes we took a shuttle bus to our motel. Singapore Atrium Holiday Inn The Singapore Atrium Holiday Inn has been one of the best Holiday Inn's that we have stayed in. The motel has 26 floors and all rooms are on the outside of the building with a huge ...
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Holland (January 2015)
We drove from Antwerp to Amsterdam and stayed three nights in Amsterdam. Amsterdam (3 nights) Our arrival in Amsterdam was delayed somewhat trying to navigate Rotterdam as our GPS maps weren't up to date with the roadworks which made following the directions given by the GPS almost impossible. By now we were just about holidayed out. Our Holiday Inn was close to Schiphol Airport and the weather was inclement so we didn't venture into the heart of Amsterdam. Each morning we waited for the weather to clear, which it didn't, so we caught a taxi to the local shops. The ...
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Belgium (January 2015)
Having driven from Paris we stayed two nights in Antwerp. Antwerp (2 nights) We were surprised just how big the port of Antwerp was. We decided on a whim to take a "Port of Antwerp" bus tour. The tour included personal use of an iPad which was used to interactive with video of the port whilst we drove around the port areas. This was one of the best tours we took ...
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France (January 2015)
From Genoa we enjoyed a majestic drive to Marseille. The highway was relatively flat as we drove through the mountains and over the valleys. Marseille (3 nights) The south of France was beautiful. We visited the Ch√Ęteau d'If on If Island. Enjoyed walking around the old port area. Took a bus tour around the sights of Marseille. Toulouse (1 night) We enjoyed a Chinese buffet at Wok 31 restaurant which was situated near to our Holiday Inn. Bordeaux (2 nights) Moving on from Toulouse we stayed two nights in Bordeaux. Whilst at Bordeaux we heard about the terrorism attacks in ...
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Italy (December 2014 & January 2015)
Having arrived in Turin and obtained new tyres, we revised our holiday so as to not having to cross the Alps again. This meant that we would not be visiting Venice, Vienna, Zurich or Luxembourg. Pisa (1 night) We visited the leaning tower of Pisa. Rome (5 nights) The first two nights we stayed at the Holiday Inn. Then we stayed at the West Rome Mecure. Genoa (1 night) From Rome we drove to Genoa ...
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