Outback Driving Safety Tips

There’s a difference between traveling say, in the Flinders Ranges and in the far Outback. On a main road in the Flinders Ranges, there’ll usually be some form of traffic passing every few minutes – on a side road , every few hours.

On a main road in the far Outback, you might be the only vehicle there for a day – on a side road, several days! Even though you’ll find many towns and campsites throughout the area, we must stress that you’ll be in wilderness country.


Truckies Top 10 Tips for Sharing the Road

Like you, truckies want to get home safely to their families, so let’s share the road. This Top Ten Tips is a shorter version of the National Sharing the Road with Heavy Vehicles Program, which is a more detailed explanation of these items and is available to spread education on sharing the road with trucks, with the aim of improving safety for all on the road.

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