We’ve categorised the places that we’ve stayed at as free (no cost), low cost, or caravan park stays.

As at 10th August 2022 we have stayed at the following places:

DateLocationState31 Stays117 Nights
14 Oct 2022BordertownSAFree Camp1
13 Oct 2022DimboolaVICFree Camp1
6 Oct 2022WarrnamboolVICCaravan Park7
4 Oct 2022Mt GambierSALow Cost2
1 Oct 2022Kingston SESALow Cost3
29 Sep 2022KaroondaSAFree Camp2
7 Jul 2022Black PointSACaravan Park8
23 Jun 2022CadellSALow Cost3
9 Jun 2022Gol GolNSWCaravan Park4
14 Apr 2022CurlwaaNSWCaravan Park8
5 Jan 2022Mt GambierSACaravan Park10
28 Sep 2021WallarooSACaravan Park10
24 Apr 2021EdithburghSACaravan Park4
15 Apr 2021Stirling NorthSACaravan Park1
11 Apr 2021CedunaSA Caravan Park4
7 Apr 2021Streaky BaySACaravan Park4
6 Apr 2021EllistonSACaravan Park1
1 Apr 2021Port LincolnSACaravan Park5
31 Mar 2021Port AugustaSALow Cost1
5 Mar 2021WilliamstownSACaravan Park3
13 Jan 2021BordertownSAFree Camp1
6 Jan 2021Mt GambierSACaravan Park7
12 Dec 2020Victor HarborSACaravan Park7
11 Oct 2020AdelaideSACaravan Park1
9 Oct 2020ArdrossanSACaravan Park2
12 Jul 2020WhyallaSACaravan Park2
5 Jul 2020Port LincolnSACaravan Park7
4 Jul 2020Port AugustaSACaravan Park1
19 Jun 2020Victor HarborSACaravan Park2
5 Jun 2020Murray BridgeSACaravan Park3
22 May 2020PunyelrooSACaravan Park2