Martin’s Bend Walking Trail

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Once again, you never really appreciate what is on your doorstep. This morning we went for a walk along the riverfront towards Martin’s Bend. Opposite the Berri Caravan Park there is a 4 kilometre return walking trail along the riverfront to Martin’s Bend.

As a young boy aged 10, I recall spending a week camped at Martin’s Bend in the early 1970’s during the summer school holidays. The next two summer holidays included a week each year on the Swan Houseboats which were based at Berri.

Next week we intend walking the trail. There are interperative displays which details the significance of the wetlands along this part of the river.

Berri Barmera Council has advised that vehicle access to bushland areas is restricted at Martin’s Bend, a popular tourist and camping spot in Berri. Parts of Martins Bend are often used for long-term camping.

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