The Murray Flooding

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Having bought a new Pentax Digital SLR last week, what better to do than use it.

The Murray River is flooding for the first time since 1992. Usually we receive between 3,000 – 6,000 megalitres flow per day. Currently flows are around 65,000 megalitres with a peak flow of 90,000 megalitres predictaed for the middle of January 2011.

These are the photos that we took at the following locations:

  • Berri Marina
  • Martin’s Bend
  • Lyrup Hill
  • Lock 5
  • Headings Cliff
  • Tortise Crossing
  • Bookpurnong Road
  • Lock 4

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Sturt CT – Cargo Drawers

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The Outback Sturt Camper Trailer is a soft floor camper that flips off the back of the trailer. All our clothes, towels etc. are carried in plastic tubs and stowed in the cargo area under the bed in the trailer. Once camp is setup these tubs emerge from the bowels of the trailer and take up residence on the floor and commence to discharge there contents over a given area. To combat the mess a cargo drawer would solve the problem.

A couple of 3 stage drawer slides can be secured on ebay for about $160 for a pair. The length of the storage area needing tobe filled is1400mm, the bearings are 1200mm extending out for the same length so they are ideal. The spiel says the bearings can handle 120kgs per pair. That is a lot of clothes and towels!

Fasten each of the slides to a piece of 10mm ply wood and bolt both pieces under the bed, securing it to the trailer floor as well. This formed the two walls of the drawer space.

The drawer can not be the full height of the cavity under the bed, due to the tailgate opening. Fit a lid between the two walls will create a storage shelf approx 200mm high between the top of the drawer space and the underside of the bed – perfect for folded tables and clothes horse.

The drawer itself is no more than a sliding base with a front on it. Purchase four recycle tubs from Bunnings to sit on the sliding base. The tubs are removeable so they are convenient to pack or unpack at home but whilst we are camping they stay where they are andwill  help keep the campsite tidy.



The Drawer Runners

Drawer Runner

The Completed Drawers

Completed Drawers

The Extended Drawers

Extended Drawers

The Drawer Opened



Front Yard Makeover

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Thanks to lots of hard work, we now have a new front yard. Last week we had a bobcat come in and scrap away the old yard.

Crusher dust was brought in to make the new drive round driveway. Topsoil was brought in for the new garden beds. Native plants were purchased and an irrigation dripper system fitted.

Ten (10) solar lights were fitted along the line separating the drive round driveway and the garden area.

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12 of 12 for January 2009

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This year we are participating in a project whereby on the 12th day of each month we take 12 photos of our daily activity.

This is our 12 of 12 for January 2009. The 12th of January was a Monday. Each Monday I commute from Berri to Adelaide to my work. This day was a very typical Monday work day. I took most of my 12 of 12 photos after work.

Having taken a photo of the petrol station price board, it will be interesting to compare on a month to month basis the price of fuel over the year.

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