Sturt CT – Cargo Drawers

The Outback Sturt Camper Trailer is a soft floor camper that flips off the back of the trailer. All our clothes, towels etc. are carried in plastic tubs and stowed in the cargo area under the bed in the trailer. Once camp is setup these tubs emerge from the bowels of the trailer and take up residence on the floor and commence to discharge there contents over a given area. To combat the mess a cargo drawer would solve the problem.

12 Volt Battery Instalation

Our Traveller caravan does not have a 12 volt battery set up.

As we would like to stay overnight in National Parks and/or bush camp we decided to fit a 12 volt battery and have access to some 240 volt appliances (TV, Satellite TV Decoder, Laptop, Battery Chargers, etc.) that are in the caravan.

Tristate Hot Rodders in Renmark

A record number of entries were received for the 22nd annual Tristate Hot Rodders campout held in Renmark. The campout is the longest running hot rod event in South Australia, according to organiser Denis Oates. A “Show and Shine” was conducted today outside the Renmark Hotel.

Darwin Trip (June 2007)

I know its a little late to be posting details of my partner’s trip to Darwin in June nearly at the end of October.

Initially, I thought I’d leave details of any trips made without the caravan off this website, but having had second thoughts, I will now include trips made without the caravan.

Easter 2007

Whilst most people go away for Easter, we prefer to stay at home. This Easter we had family from Adelaide come up and visit us. We then took them around the tourist sites in the Riverland.