Items that we have purchased and/or installed into our motorhome are listed below.

12 Volt Accessories

Tom Tom Go 620 Sat Nav ($249.00)

This Sat Nav is designed for large vehicles. Get customised routes for your motorhome’s dimensions, weight and max speed for safer, efficient and peaceful journeys.

It features maps, speed camera alerts and TomTom Traffic which allow you to drive the most efficient route for accurate arrival times.

Scosche Heads Up LED Display ($20.00)

This heads up LED display includes:

  • Displays Speed in Km/h, Engine RPMs and Status Indicators
  • Multi-color 5.8″ High Bright LED Display
  • Auto Adjusts Brightness for Day/Night Driving
  • User Programmable Alerts for Speed, Temperature, and Voltage
  • Works on most 2001 or Newer Vehicles
  • Plug-n-Play Install with OBD cable
  • Auto ON/OFF

Oricom 2 Watt UHF CB Radio ($129.00)

The UHF2190 is 2-Watt UHF CB with FM Radio and LED torch built in.

  • 83 DCS codes (Digital coded squelch)
  • Duplex (Range extender)
  • 38 interference eliminator codes (CTCSS)
  • Backlit display
  • Dual channel watch
  • Channel busy indicator
  • Channel scan
  • Automatic squelch control
  • Keypad lock
  • Hands-free (VOX) capable
  • Call tone alert


Uniden iGo CAM 55 ($89.00)

The Uniden iGO CAM 55 features a Full HD resolution (1080P) front facing camera and another camera that faces the back of the vehicle.

With the low profile in-built GPS antenna videos can be geotagged. This records the direction travelled, location and speed.

The enhanced video footage capture scenic drives and off-road adventures in crisp detail. The Dash cam features a large speedometer display for accurate speed.


Fireside Portable Popup Fire Pit ($99.00)

The Fireside Pop-Up Fire Pit is a portable fire pit, packing up smaller than a camp chair and weighs just 3.6kg but opens to an outstanding 60x60cm fire pit, large enough to keep the whole party warm!

The Pop-Up Pit sets-up in just under 60 seconds without the use of any tools and cools down in 90 seconds once your fire is extinguished, making it an easy and quick pack up.

Burning on a heavy-duty stainless steel mesh means the fire gets perfect airflow, so you can enjoy a brighter, hotter fire with 80% less smoke.

The Pop-Up Pit comes in its own carrying case that measures just 68x12x12cm when packed up.


Enerdrive 2000w Inverter ($899.00)

Enerdrive AC power inverters are designed to be efficient and reliable in Australian conditions. This true sine wave inverter offers reliable service for providing AC power and 5V USB* power . Using the latest power conversion technology, Enerdrive ePOWER inverters deliver clean and energy efficient true sine wave AC power from your DC supply.

These inverters are the most sophisticated inverters on the market today. They are designed to precisely replicate and even improve on the quality of electricity supplied by utility companies. There is generally no compatibility issues with any appliance run from a pure sine wave power inverter. 

When you need some larger on board power demands, the ePOWER 2000watt inverter powers all your basic appliances. This inverter feature standard a remote on / off control switch to allow for hidden installation of the inverter. The remote also allows for the simple ability to switch off the inverter when not required to reduce the stand by current draw that all inverters consume. With easily twice their rated output in surge capacity, you can comfortably start most appliances.

Enerdrive 40A DC2DC Charger ($449.00)

The Enerdrive ePOWER DC2DC+ Battery Charger is a fully automatic multistage, multi input battery charger with the ability to charge from either an alternator linked to a battery; or via solar power with the in built Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Controller. With two inputs available, the main/house battery will be charged from either the engine while underway, or via the solar panels when stationary.

The process to choose either engine or solar is fully automatic and both functions are controlled from within the unit itself without the need for external relays. During normal operation the ePOWER DC2DC+ Battery Charger will do a full charge cycle to float stage on the house battery bank with ability to choose either GEL, AGM, Flooded, Custom Programmable or Lithium. Once float stage is reached the charger transitions to a power supply mode to support any on-board DC loads.