Alaskan Cruise (September 2013)

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This is the first leg of our four week holiday in the United States and Canada.

September 20

Baggage Dramas

Our baggage made it in one piece to Los Angeles, but somehow between Los Angeles and Seattle the airline damaged four of our bags such that we needed to replace them. We purchased replacement bags at Target in Seattle. However had to replace two of the those bags damaged when we flew between Vancouver and Las Vegas.

Thanks to Target’s refund policy, we received a credit for the bags purchased in Seattle in Las Vegas and then hit the premium outlet store in Las Vegas and secured top quality baggage at half recommended retail price.

We made a claim with the airline for not taking proper care of our baggage and received a full refund for the new baggage that we had bought.


Almost 24 hours after leaving Adelaide we arrived in Seattle, the time difference being 17 and a half hours, having transited through Sydney and Los Angeles. We flew with Qantas on the A380 Airbus. Given how squashed we were, the flight wasn’t too bad.

September 21

As we really only had a day in Seattle we spent most of our time in downtown Seattle. We had accommodation arranged at the Hyatt at Olive 8. The motel was ideally located as it was very central and we could walk to all the locations we visited.

Once we had replaced our luggage, we visited the Last Resort Fire Department Museum, the Klondike Gold Rush Museum, the Metropolitan Police Department Museum and the Pike Place Public Market area. In the evening we visited the Space Needle.

As we were walking to the Klondike Gold Rush Museum we passed McCoy’s Firehouse and decided it was a good place to have lunch at. Our waitress was fantastic and we even scored a couple of souvenir glasses which was really appreciated.

We did try to pack as much as we could in our short stay in Seattle.

September 22

At Sea

After another good nights sleep we gathered our luggage and booked travel to the cruise check-in point.

By 11.30am we were on board the Norwegian Pearl and eager to start our Alaskan cruise.

The ship departed Seattle at 4.00pm and we were on our way to Alaska!

The views departing Seattle harbour were wonderful with the iconic Space Needle in the background.

September 23

Due to rough weather the ship’s Captain decided to cruise through the inside channel, and not in the open sea. The views were wonderful and eventually the light faded and we retreated to our cabin.

Even within the channel the effects of the rough weather were being felt. We rocked and rolled a few times but by morning most of the inclement weather was behind us.

Our first port of call would be Juneau, the state capital of Alaska.

September 24


We arrived in Juneau at 1.00pm and experienced seven hours in Juneau. We walked up and down the main street. It was interesting how the shops catered for cruise passengers. It seemed every shop we entered had an offer which we shouldn’t refuse. But refuse we did!

We took a ride on the Mt Roberts Tramway. At the top, we explored the Sky Bridge and Mountain House complex created by Goldbelt Incorporated, the local Native Corporation that owns and operates this attraction. We also visited the live bald eagle display.

We returned to the ship at 5.00pm.

September 25


We arrived in Skagwag at 7.30am and had arranged to meet Howard Mallory for a tour up the Klondike Highway to Carcross, Canada. We were on the road by 8.00am and returned to the dock at 2.00pm.

It seemed that everywhere there was a photo opportunity. Whilst we expected to see abundant wildlife about, any wildlife we did see was way to far away to photograph.

The border crossing from the USA to Canada was uneventful, but the same could not be said for the border crossing from Canada back into the USA. The border security agent seemed overly vigilant in performing his duties, requiring us all to step out of the vehicle whilst he searched it for anything illegal.

The weather deteriorated on the way back due to low cloud and poor visibility, and we missed many a photo opportunities that we said we would photograph on our return to Skagway. Upon returning to Skagway we walked around town for an hour or two before returning to the ship.

The ship left Skagway at 8.00pm.

September 26

Glacier National Park

What a sight to behold – John  Hopkins Glacier in the Glacier National Park. We arrived at 10.00am or thereabouts and spent five hours at the lip of the glacier.

Words can not adequately describe the vistas of the mountains and the ice. As we entered the glacier, gradually larger and larger pieces of ice floated by the ship.

This was most definitely the highpoint of the cruise.

September 27


We arrived in Ketchikan at 8.30am and by 9.00am we had our hire car, a Ford Focus. This was the first time that we experienced driving on the “wrong” side (for us) of the road.

We visited Totem Bight Historical State Park which was about 10 miles out-of-town. We walked through the park and viewed many a totem pole and the Clan House.

Eventually we returned to the car and drove in and around town for an hour or so, until it was time to return the hire car.

The ship departed Ketchikan at 1.30pm.

September 28


We arrived in Victoria at 6.00pm for short five hour visit.

Whilst we die step off the ship and make it to the start of the pier, the weather wasn’t kind to us, it was raining, quite chilly and to put it simply – miserable. Rather than be out in such inclement weather, we returned to the ship and kept warm and dry on board.

The ship departed Victoria at midnight for the short journey over to Vancouver.

September 29


All to quickly our cruise was at an end.

We docked in Vancouver at 8.00am and had disembarked the ship by 8.30am. We took a short taxi ride to collect our hire car, a Toyota Rav 4, but the attendant showed up late, so it took a little longer than expected to collect the car.

We had accommodation booked at the Holiday Inn, and “Murphy’s Law” saw us go to the wrong Holiday Inn first. However, checking our quote and our accommodation vouchers, each was contradictory. Eventually we settled into the Downtown Holiday Inn, rather than the Broadway Holiday Inn which was a few miles further from the Holiday Inn we stayed at.

Interestingly, our shuttle to pick us up to take us to the airport also went to the wrong Holiday Inn first. Seems like this another stuff up by our Travel Agent!