UHF Channel Guide / Language Used

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Attached to this post is a PDF of UHF channel usage in Australia. As I come across some of the “lingo” used I will update this post.

UHF Channel Guide

If you have a UHF you should use the appropriate channel.

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Truckies “Lingo”

These are some of the comments that I have heard, and what they mean!

  • “Flash for cash” – speed camera,
  • “Hair dryer” – hand held radar,
  • “Cone heads” “Gestapo wankers” – Road Traffic Authority officer,
  • “have a look at you in the …. (van, train, single, etc.)” – going to overtake you,
  • “Copy” or “Copy that” – message understood,
  • “Jobs done” – finsihed overtaking,
  • “Plain [colour) one” – unmarked police car,
  • “Double one” – marked police car,
  • “Shooting … (north, east, west or south) bound” – radar targeting whichever direction traffic,
  • “Barbie” – weighbridge,
  • “Cold Barbie” – weighbridge closed,
  • “Hot Barbie” – weighbridge open,
  • “Come around” – overtake me,
  • “Evil Knievel” – motor cycle police,
  • “Check your … (tailgate or rear door)” – police are behind you,
  • “Doing a job on … (big or little) one” – police booking a truck or a car,