Late Departures

On our recent weekender to Burra we enquired with the caravan park manager when we signed in if it were possible to have a late checkout on Sunday as the trip home was only a few hours and we could do some more sight seeing Sunday morning before returning home.


Outback Driving Safety Tips

There’s a difference between traveling say, in the Flinders Ranges and in the far Outback. On a main road in the Flinders Ranges, there’ll usually be some form of traffic passing every few minutes – on a side road , every few hours.

On a main road in the far Outback, you might be the only vehicle there for a day – on a side road, several days! Even though you’ll find many towns and campsites throughout the area, we must stress that you’ll be in wilderness country.


Burra Weekender (Nov 2006)

We decided that our next trip would be to the South Australian Heritage town of Burra, situated 154 kilometres north of Adelaide, and 186 kilometres west of our home town. We departed on Thursday, 16 November 2006 and returned Sunday, 19 November 2006. This is our travel diary of the trip.