Everlasting in the News

In late August I placed a series of nine geocaches along the Old Mail Route between Paringa (in SA) and Lake Cullulleraine (in Vic). The cache description states the caches are dry weather only caches. Unfortunately, there have been a number of instances already where geocachers have become stuck whilst completing the series. Everlasting became…


Cleaning The Onboard Water Tank

Poly tanks usually don’t have a plastic taste after an initial fill and flush. Any plastic taste usually comes from garden hoses or poor quality food grade hoses used to fill the tank. To clean the onboard water tank, try draining the tank, then refill with fresh water and a cup of (Non Scented) Bleach.…


12 Volt Battery Instalation

Our Traveller caravan does not have a 12 volt battery set up.

As we would like to stay overnight in National Parks and/or bush camp we decided to fit a 12 volt battery and have access to some 240 volt appliances (TV, Satellite TV Decoder, Laptop, Battery Chargers, etc.) that are in the caravan.