This website documents our travels around the world and Australia.

The website is for our family & friends, but if you’ve stumbled upon our website, you may already be, or be thinking about, doing this.

Above all enjoy!!

Mungo NP (September 2006)
Photos taken in Mungo National Park part of the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area in September 2006. Photo Album ...
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Mildura Weekender (Sep 2006)
This weekend (16 & 17 September, 2006) we went for a quick trip over to Mildura. We stayed at the Calder Caravan Park. On Saturday afternoon we took the 70 kilometre 4WD self-drive tour around the Mungo National Park. The Mungo NP is approximately 110 kilometres from Mildura. Day 1: 16 Sep 2006 We were up and prepared by 8.00am. Our friends, Jim & Raelene came with us on this trip. The weather was absolutely perfect. We fuelled up at Renmark and drove on to Mildura arriving around 11.00am. We settled into the Calder Caravan Park and had some lunch ...
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Great Ocean Road (July 2006)
Photos of our trip along the Great Ocean Road and Melbourne in July 2006. Photo Album ...
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UHF Channel Guide / Language Used
Attached to this post is a PDF of UHF channel usage in Australia. As I come across some of the "lingo" used I will update this post. UHF Channel Guide If you have a UHF you should use the appropriate channel. [wpfilebase tag=file id=10 /] Truckies "Lingo" These are some of the comments that I have heard, and what they mean!
  • "Flash for cash" - speed camera,
  • "Hair dryer" - hand held radar,
  • "Cone heads" "Gestapo wankers" - Road Traffic Authority officer,
  • "have a look at you in the .... (van, train, single, etc.)" - going to overtake you,
  • ...
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Prodigy Brake Controller
We are replacing our brake controller with a Prodigy brake controller manufactured by Tekonsha. I will be arranging for our auto electrician to install the brake controller in the next week or two. The unit came with an instructional mini DVD and a storage pouch. We will be enquirying as to whether additional wiring harnesses are available and may install the harness in our other vehicle so that we can move the brake controller easily between the two vehicles. We will report further on how it performs ...
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Letter Published in the Murray Pioneer
The local Riverland newspaper "The Murray Pioneer" published an article on 1 August 2006 concerning roadside camping and that it should be made illegal. This view was being promoted by the SA Caravan Parks Association. I wrote a Letter to the Editor in response which was published today (4 August 2006). My response went as follows: Knee-jerk reaction I REFER to the comments made by the South Australian Caravan Parks Association (Tuesday's Pioneer) suggestion that free roadside camping is a major threat to their industry and requires assistance from local and state governments to stamp out. It's a knee-jerk reaction ...
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Great Ocean Road (July 2006)
Unfortunately our caravan won't be ready to collect from Dave Benson Caravans until next weekend (22 July 2006). We were hoping to "break" it in by taking an extended long weekend trip to Warrnambool and then along the Great Ocean Road on to Melbourne. We had already arranged for a few days Annual Leave and had options to stay in motels or in the caravan. So instead of being in our caravan, we will be staying in motels. Day 1: 14 Jul 2006 It's been a bleak Friday in the Riverland. The mercury has hovered around 10 degrees for most ...
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