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Burra Weekender (Nov 2006)
We decided that our next trip would be to the South Australian Heritage town of Burra, situated 154 kilometres north of Adelaide, and 186 kilometres west of our home town. We departed on Thursday, 16 November 2006 and returned Sunday, 19 November 2006. This is our travel diary of the trip. Day 1: 16 Nov 2006 When we were planning this weekend our main concerns were that the weather may be too hot. How wrong we were, this week saw one of the coldest November snaps in 20 years. Wednesday's maximum temperature was only 15 degrees. There has also been ...
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Are Caravanners a Menace?
The following article was published in the "Sunday Mail" on 12 November 2006. I don't know whether the journalist is writing a serious article or if he is baiting caravanners for a reaction. I'll let you be the judge! Caravans are a menace and should be eradicated AT LEAST SLAP A ROAD CURFEW ON THEM, says Michael McGuire Reproduced from the Sunday Mail, South Australia THERE'S barely a corner of modern life that has been left untouched by the formation of some sort of whingeing pressure group. Tree huggers, gays, greens, women, men, dead people, whales, seals, oldies, nimbi's. You ...
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Chatting a Truckie
With your UHF on Channel 40, its as simple as making the following conversation when engaging in a passing manouvre. YOU, "Red truck behind the Traveller caravan, are you on channel" HIM, "Yes Mate" YOU, "Give us the drum when your want to come around" HIM, "Having a look at you now" YOU, "Go when you're safe" When his cab is going past your vehicle, you can back off a little if it is safe to do so, bearing in mind there may be other vehicles behind you. If there is no distant oncoming traffic, maintain your speed. Once he ...
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Satellite TV
This page is obsolete and retained for the Useful link and Download links only. I've dived in and purchased a system from Hardware and Tare, for $650 (August 2006) which included a tripod for the dish and an Optus Aurora card. The Homecast 150IR receiver that was part of the system has recently had a software upgrade, so the instructions provided by Vince at Hardware and Tare to setup the receiver were useless. Somehow I happened to stumble through and had the system working in around two hours, an hour or so putting it all together, and a further ...
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Top 10 Tips for Safe Caravanning
10 tips for Safe Caravanning rom Rod Hannifey. For further information please contact : Rod Hannifey, Road Transport and Road Safety Advocate, mobile: 0428120560 or e-mail rod.hannifey@bigpond.com
  1. Planning of your equipment purchase, unit compatibility and suitability is essential. Do your skills need upgrading for a new or bigger unit? Next is a plan of trip "must do's" and "maybe's" as part of route, destination and timeframe requirements. Only you know how flexible your time is and what is most important to the trip. This is better done early, rather than afterwards realising you have missed something worthwhile.
  2. Seek ...
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Truckies Top 10 Tips for Sharing the Road
Like you, truckies want to get home safely to their families, so let's share the road. This Top Ten Tips is a shorter version of the National Sharing the Road with Heavy Vehicles Program, which is a more detailed explanation of these items and is available to spread education on sharing the road with trucks, with the aim of improving safety for all on the road. For further information please contact : Rod Hannifey, Road Transport and Road Safety Advocate, mobile: 0428120560 or e-mail rod.hannifey@bigpond.com ...
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Nifty Van Step
Check out this example of Aussie ingenuity. On the MSN Groups, Caravanners Forum, Ron McGrice has posted photos of his van step. The van step holds his electrical lead and when stored in the step recess doubles to level the step where he then leaves the porta-loo overnight. Here are Ron's photos of his van step and those of another forum member TOF ...
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