San Diego (October 2013)

This is the fourth leg of our four week holiday in the United States and Canada.

October 5

Road Trip

Today we drove 500 miles from Las Vegas to San Diego. We left Las Vegas driving on a five lane each way highway and arrived in San Diego also driving in on a five lane each way highway.

In between  the “narrowest” the highway became was two lanes each way. No where along the way was the road empty, and for most of the drive it was like driving continuously in peak hour traffic.


We stopped for lunch in Barstow and tried our luck at the “skill” machine and were lucky to nab a Beats by Dr Dre headphone set.

San Diego

We arrived in San Diego at 4.00pm. Our accommodation for the next four nights was the Handlery Resort in Mission Valley. It was a surprise to find that we had a ground floor room.

October 6

Fashion Valley Mall

Today was somewhat of a rest day. We visited Fashion Valley Mall and had our first experience in an Apple Store and a Microsoft Shop.

Old Town San Diego

Late in the afternoon we visited Old Town San Diego. We bought what seemed like half  of the 16 different fudges available from Cousin’s Old Town Candy Shop. We enjoyed eating each one of them.

October 7

San Diego Waterfront

Today we went on the San Diego SEAL tour, a boat with wheels.

We spent over an hour on the water and half an hour on land.

USS Midway Museum

It isn’t until you get on board the USS Midway Museum that you get a real appreciation of the size of this ship, seeing all the various aircraft stored on board.

October 8

San Diego Zoo

Today we visited the San Diego Zoo. Who would have thought we would come all this way to see Giant Pandas when we could have seen them in Adelaide.

The zoo lives up to its hype. The enclosures are well presented and the viewing platforms are more than adequate. The cable car ride from the bottom to the top of the zoo provides a great view of the surrounding areas.

This would be our last day in San Diego.