Geocaching with the Nuvi

This is the GSAK macro that we use to transfer all our Geocaching waypoints as Points of Interest (POI’s) on our Nuvi.
The macro exports Geocaches with descriptions, logs, travel bugs & hints by cache type for Garmin GPSr’s (Colorado, Nuvi, Oregon) with TourGuide (radius) support for geocaches and proximity (on route) warning support for Red Light Cameras and Speed Traps (you must use Advanced Mode for these features).

Garmin’s POI Loader can be run in silent mode.  An add-on macro is ailable for spoiler pictures (Colorado & Oregon currently unable to display these images).

The macro includes soundfiles and bitmaps and enables the TourGuide feature on the Nuvi 200 Series.  There is an option to use your own icons and soundfiles if you don’t like the ones included.


  1. Premium account to download “Pocket Queries”
  2. GSAK “Geocaching Swiss Army Knife”
  3. Garmin POI Loader
  4. Garmin Colorado, Mobile XT, Nuvi, Oregon, Street Pilot, Zumo (may support other models, though not tested)
  5. Up-to-date firmware and USB drivers from Garmin.
  6. This GSAK macro installed: Nuvi_GPX_by_CT.gsk. This will link to the latest version.


Support for this macro can be found here. (GroundSpeak Forums)