Moorook Weekender (October 2007)

After what seemed to be an eternity, we were finally able to hitch the caravan and have a weekend escape. However there were dramas before we left and whilst we were at Moorook.

Tow Rig Drama

At the end of August we upgraded our tow rig from a petrol driven Jackaroo (1994) to a diesel driven Jackaroo (1999). Having obtained a Vehicle Inspection Report which advised that the “vehicle appears to be in good condition for its age”, we proceeded to purchase the vehicle.

Since purchasing the vehicle we have spent in excess of $5,000 repairing the vehicle – obviously appearances can be deceiving! Repairs included replacing the alternator, replacing the turbo charger, replacing an oil pressure switch, replacing the fuel injectors, replacing the head gasket and numerous other relatively minor parts.

We received the call Thursday afternoon that the vehicle was ready to collect and drove to Adelaide to pick up the vehicle. Starting the vehicle was still very difficult and it was recommended not to drive back to Berri. The following morning we were advised that the vehicle was ready, to again be told when we had almost reached the dealership that there were more problems.

As we had planned our weekend escape we turned around and proceeded to drive back to Berri and use our Magna as the tow vehicle for our weekend escape.

Day 1 – Friday (26 October 2007)

Arriving back in Berri at approximately 2.00pm, we proceeded to hitch the caravan up. Whilst we had a towbar tongue it was not suitable for us to use the WDH and the anti-sway bar. We decided to continue as Moorook was only 30 kilometres away and we could travel at 60kph to limit sway.

We finally arrived at the Moorook Camping Area and paid our site fees ($10/day for a powered site) and set up the caravan and the annexe.

Day 2 – Saturday (27 October 2007)

Today was forecasted to be hot and windy with the temperature expected to reach 35 degrees. The forecasters were correct and throughout the day it became more and more windy. We walked around the Camping Area and generally relaxed throughout the day.

We invited some friends over and proceeded to have a BBQ. As we finished our BBQ the winds increased, dust was blowing in, and it just became to uncomfortable to sit outside. We packed and secured as much as we could and went to bed to ride out the storm. We were woken a number of times during the night by the wind and rain, but fortunately had no dramas.

Day 3 – Sunday (28 October 2007)

This morning was very calm after the storms from the night before and provided a good opportunity to take some photos before we packed up and returned home. We inspected the annexe and a it was dry we were able to pack it away. We left the Moorook Camping Area by 11.00am and arrived back home by 11.45am.

We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend escape and hope to experience more escapes in camping areas and national parks now that we are having a 100 amp hour battery fitted to the caravan.

Photo Album

These are some of the photos that we took over the weekend.