Port-A-Loo Raiser

Here’s a great idea to lift your portable toilet without taking up valuable room in your caravan.

  1. Even before buying the material keep chanting “Measure twice, cut once”
  2. The Loo Raiser is made from a 600 x 900 piece of 19 mm outdoor ply.
  3. The critical measurements are:
    1. length of storage space into which the support will fit (54 cm)
    2. max diagonal across base (44 cm)
    3. amount of lift required (200 – 250 mm)
    4. max width of support board (320 mm)
  4. 3 a) less 3 b) left 50 mm / 2″ each end – a good hunk of meat left behind.
  5. Board height (900 mm) less 3 d) divided by two said each of the base boards could be up to 290 mm high, again 50 mm to ‘cup’ the loo to save it sliding forward or back or sideways.

Next cut the sheet of ply into 1 of 600 x 320 and 2 of 600 x 290, and then trim these to 2 of 540 x 290.

Carefully measuring the middle of each, mark where the notches will be, allow for the fact that the board will not be crossing at right angles but more at 120 / 60 degrees and use a set square to mark the channel 20 mm wide (remember board is 19 mm thick). Cut the notches with the jigsaw base slightly rotated to give the required angle.

Then measure the size of the trough to be cut into the top of each board to keep it snug so that the loo won’t slide.

If you cut the base board over size you can cut locator notches into each corner. These can be cut freehand with the jigsaw. It worked perfectly first time.

Before taking it all apart (and save trouble re-assembling it) mark a large letter “A” on the three surfaces that need to go together.

Stain it with some decking oil to preserve the wood and hide any mud or dirt. The finishing touch could be some rubber feet in case the ground isn’t smooth or level.

The off cut from the base board will make a great jack plate for soft ground.