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Letter Published in the Murray Pioneer

The local Riverland newspaper “The Murray Pioneer” published an article on 1 August 2006 concerning roadside camping and that it should be made illegal. This view was being promoted by the SA Caravan Parks Association.

I wrote a Letter to the Editor in response which was published today (4 August 2006).

My response went as follows:

Knee-jerk reaction

I REFER to the comments made by the South Australian Caravan Parks Association (Tuesday’s Pioneer) suggestion that free roadside camping is a major threat to their industry and requires assistance from local and state governments to stamp out. It’s a knee-jerk reaction.
If the SA Caravan Parks Association were to offer caravanners wishing to camp overnight a facility which is reasonably priced I am sure there would be a significant reduction in roadside camping.
Fees of $20 a night for an unpowered site are not uncommon.
If an unpowered site could be provided at minimal cost ($5 a night) for ONE night only for caravanners that are essentially travelling through everyone would be happy.
If intending to stay longer normal fees would apply.
The caravan parks would receive a fee which they wouldn’t otherwise have received and the caravanner would have a secure place to stay.
A “win-win” situation for all concerned!

One thought on “Letter Published in the Murray Pioneer

  1. hello ramblers we agree with your comments. As a couple who hope to join the many venturers on the road we have often read about the high prices of staying in caravan parks and will also be looking for cheaper options. However if park fees were not so high we will not hesitate to stay in them!

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